Barnabas’s odd, but faithful, Lizardfolk bodyguard VARAK_-_Copy.jpg

Physical Description:
This Lizardfolk stands around 6’6’’ with smooth sand colored scales and a scar on his chest that seems to have been burned into his scales.

When in cities or around those who may be intolerant of non-humans, VARRAK wears a very long cloak to hide his appearance.

The strange lizardfolk focuses intently on who is talking to him, otherwise his eyes seem to move from person to person.
VARRAK also talks in a very odd manner, referring to himself as “this one,” and to others as “that one.”

VARRAK has mastered a fighting style, based around his nameless weapon, called Sabhi-Ekai. This fighting style is only known to be used by the members of his unknown tribe.

VARRAK seems to be, through some unspoken bond, the self designated bodyguard of Barnabas, going as far as to watch Barnabas from a distance.


Trapped in Lumairon Blagner