The Red Guard

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Leader: General Gileon Tane

The Red Guard is a mercenary company of ill repute, willing to do anything for the right amount of coin. They are known for taking less scrupulous jobs and seem to operate without moral qualms.

The main competitors of the Zodiac Company, the Red Guard are willing to take any job the Zodiac won’t. Being less structured than the Zodiac Company, the Red Guard attract more members, but tend to be less organized and untrained.

The company is headed by “The General,” also known as General Tane, he oversees the entirety of the company, but more directly his 5 colonels, who each reside in a separate nation or region. Each colonel oversees 3 to 5 lieutenants who each manage “bands” in separate cities. A lieutenant may have a direct understudy that runs the more remedial tasks of the local band, like posting bounties, jobs, or wanted posters.

The Red Guard

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