The Zodiac Company

Alignment: lawful neutral

Leader: Master Nathaniel Atherden

The Zodiac company are a group of 12 captains spread out across Lumairon. They draw their name and identity from the astrological entities of the same name. Aside from a small force each Zodiac unity is given a title relating to a celestial body, with each captain bearing an emblem showing the title assigned to them.

Despite what the namesake may suggest the titles they bear have no relation to themselves (personality wise) and is simply a way for outsiders, and possibly the newest members, to recognize their standing. Each sect consists of a Captain, and 3 Lieutenants. Under each of those are 4 soldiers, who learn from their leaders with the aspirations of advancement up to higher ranks. There are exceptions to this rule, but only in a few cases.

The Zodiac are highly disciplined, and despite having a great deal of pride for their position would not sacrifice the name of their group for their personal grievances. In the case of a personal attack they would retaliate though not through blood shed if it can be helped. They would attempt to petition anyone in power over the transgressor, or in the case of a neutral party capture, and turn over to a proper magistrate or ruler.


Rule of Twenty: A group is to have no more than 20 members, however at anytime a Captain ranked individual may declare any member of his sect a disciple. In this case the disciple loses his current rank, and joins the captains group. This is the only way in which a group has more than 20 members.

Disciple’s promotion: Most often promoted lieutenants. A disciple once declared effectively loses all status among his men, and should he have been a lieutenant must declare a successor at that time. The disciple then spends his time proving himself to the current captain, of which failure to do so means becoming a standard soldier once more. Failure, and demotion typically occurs if the disciples shortcomings forces an open position in the group.

Master: Nathaniel Atherden – The Tactician (42)

Aquarius: Captain Lucas Rhys

Aries: Captain Thanatos

Scorpio: Captain Lucian Kaiser

The Zodiac Company

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