Barnabas Qault

Curious leader of the Silver and Gold Caravan

Physical description:
lThis tall man in his eary 40s, stands at around 6’1’’, wearing his long brown hair in a ponytail, he keeps his full beard unshaven.

Barnabas usually wears a long sleeve white flax shirt, with a tanned leather jerkin. There is a black tattoo that seems to go from the back of his hand and up his sleeve; the entirety of which has not been seen.

Barnabas talks with, what should be, an “Irish” accent.

Barnabas is the leader of the Silver and Gold Caravan, and seems well liked by almost all of his employees/hired-hands, baring Harden who seems to think his gut feelings are going to get the entire caravan killed one day.

Barnabas seems to have an eye for coin, and is eager to make a deal whenever it involves coin or free labor. He shows knowledge of the road and countryside that suggests years of experience with the area.

VARRAK seems to have some bond with Barnabas, acting as a bodyguard. He goes as far as watching Barnabas from afar in this endeavor. Barnabas believes VARRAK to be too paranoid. The source of this bond is unknown.

He and his 2nd in command, Harden, seem to be in stressed relations. One of the reasons for this perhaps being the new editions to the caravan?

Barnabas Qault

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