Charlie Hess

long blonde hair, Green eyes 6'2" about 180 lbs. athletic body stature. Hunter and fisherman. farmer and rancher.


Ability Scores:
Str: 13
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Int: 12
Wis: 13+1
Cha: 10

-Hunting & fishing
-Surviving in nature (trapping, making fire, shelters, edible plants, etc.)
-Remedial first aid (CPR, splints, binding wounds with cloth, etc.)
-Climbing and repelling
-Knowledge of knots
-Pretty athletic
-Good with animals
-Experience on a farm
-Good memory of geographical land marks and such

-Asking the right questions at the right time
-Not able to speak well in front of large crowds

Acrobatics O
Appraise -
Bluff O
Climb X
Dipliomacy O
Disable Device -
Disguise -
Escape Artist O
Fly -
Handle Animal X
Heal O
Intimidate O
Kn(arcana) -
Kn(dungeoneering) -
Kn(geology) O
Kn(history) -
Kn(local) -
kn(nature) X
kn(nobility) -
kn(planes) -
kn(religion) -
Linguistics O
Perception X
Profession -
Ride X
Sense Motive O
Slight of Hand -
Spellcraft -
Stealth X
Survival X
Swim X
Use Magical Device -

Shorten Grip – Allows one to use a reach weapon in close range.

The way of Defense
A practitioner of Sabhi-Ekai strives not for damage in combat, but for defending himself and his allies.
When wielding a Sabhi-Ekai weapon(A weapon with Reach), you add your Wisdom bonus to your AC and CMD. This bonus will increase over time with practice in the style.
When not wielding a Sabhi-Ekai weapon, you instead add half your Wisdom bonus to your AC and CMD.
These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when you are flat-footed. You lose these bonuses when immobilized or helpless.
You may transfer the bonus to an ally being attack within reach as an immediate action while you are wielding a a Sabhi- Ekai weapon and within reach of the attacker, but you will lose the bonuses until the end of your next turn.


College KId at SWOSU. living with one of my best friends Dylan Payne. Grew up a country kid, hunting an fishing are a big part of my life. Parks and Recreation law is my major. I want to be a gamewarden or highway patrol man someday.

Charlie Hess

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