Andrew Jones

Dark hair, red beard, 5'7", 190 lbs, athletic/stocky build.


Ability Scores:
Str: 13
Dex: 13
Con: 13
Int: 13
Wis: 8
Cha: 12
Point-buy: 12

Hand to hand combat
Tactical maneuvers
Land Navigation
Wilderness Survival
Weapons proficiency
Fire arms knowledge
First response medical treatment
Public Speaking
Weapon making(Spears, Steaks, Arrows)
Trap setting
Quick at learning hands on subjects
Quickly understand how a device works or is put together from simple observation
Basic radio skills
Able to calculate accurate coordinates for indirect fire
Able to fake many accents
Able to speak several languages(Can learn new languages fairly quickly)

Forgets numbers
Quick to anger
Bad with money
Gets frustrated easily
Struggles to understand math and science

Acrobatics X
Appraise -
Bluff O
Climb X
Diplomacy X
Disable Device X
Disguise O
Escape Artist O
Fly -
Handle Animal O
Heal X
Intimidate X
Kn(arcana) -
Kn(dungeoneering) -
Kn(engineering) X
Kn(geology) Int
Kn(history) Int
Kn(local) Int
kn(nature) O
kn(nobility) Int
kn(planes) Int
kn(religion) Int
Linguistics O
Perception X
Profession -
Ride O
Sense Motive O
Slight of Hand O
Spellcraft -
Stealth X
Survival O
Swim X
Use Magical Device -

Weapon Focus(Sawtooth)
Weapon Finesse
Two weapon fighting


Andrew Jones served in the US Army for 5 years. He was a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and deployed multiple times.
After his service he attended SWOSU in Oklahoma, where he met a group of people and began the RPG known as “Pathfinder”.
One day during a session that he was invited to spectate, Andrew showed up last to the session. Upon entering the house and met up with Blake, the GM of the session outside the house. Blake told him to go ahead on inside, and that he had forgotten something and would be right back.
Upon entering the apartment, Andrew noticed a strong glow coming from one of the rooms. He walked towards the room and when he opened the door, everything changed.

Andrew woke up with a pounding head ache and took in his surroundings. He looked around and was shocked by where he was… or rather.. where he wasn’t. Forest stretched out as far as the eye could see, the air smelled cleaner than anything he had ever smelt, and he was lying on some odd stone that had runic symbols the likes he had only seen in movies. “We aren’t in Kansas anymore ToTo.” he said out loud, always having wanted to have had a reason to say that before.

After waiting in hiding by the road, he saw a donkey drawn carriage being pulled with a short bit of supplies, but nothing that would last a long trip. It looked more like a load to be taken to market, rather than supplies to last a long journey. This lead Andrew to believe that there must be civilization near by. The man was alone, and appeared unarmed. He did not seem to pose a grave threat, but this was an unkown area, and he did not know anything about the people. Andrew thought for a moment and decided that he had no better option. With no food, no water, and no knowledge of the area.. his best bet was to try and get help from this stranger, he just hoped that the guy spoke one of the languages he knew.

Andrew slowly stepped out from behind the tree and spoke loud enough to be heard “Hello, do you speak English?”

The man turned around and slowed his donkey to a stop. “Not sure what you mean by English, but I understand you just fine lad. But understand this, I am armed, and if you mean to rob me, I got nothing worth losing yer life over, nor me losing mine.”

Andrew sighed in relief “I apologize if I startled you, I mean you no harm, and I am unarmed, other than a simple knife which I use for everyday tasks. I am actually supposed to be heading to the local town for a job offer, and I got lost on the way. Would you happen to know of any town around these parts?” Andrew thought it best to lie, and not give the man any reason to think he was trying to set something up.. who would believe that he had just been at his friends house.., then poof.. he was here.

“Aye, would it possibly be Highwall that yer looking fer? If so, I am heading that way. I can’t feed you, but I got some drink, and I can let you ride in the back; but if we get hit by bandits, you are my bargainin piece.” the man cackled slightly at his remark, as he reached down and pulled up an old fashioned canteen and took a swig of it’s contents. From the look of this place, the fact that he had never heard an accent like this, and that this man was “driving” a donkey drawn carriage.. he just knew that he had to be dreaming.. that or.. he might be in big trouble.

Once Andrew was in Highwall, it was confirmed that he was definitely not in his own time line anymore. After a day it was time to find some work, less he starve to death. He decided to put his skills as a Soldier to work, and looked for work in that field, what he found was not exactly what head in mind, but it was better than nothing.

“So what do ya got there lad? Can ya handle a sword?” A dirty man, with unkept hair and skin asked him as he slid a practice sword to Andrew’s feet. "You are in luck, good or bad, because or boss happens to be watching this round of trials, to see if there is anyone here worth anything more than as mere fodder. Andrew had been trained in the use of something similar to a sword, so this couldn’t be too difficult, and after seeing the drunks that went before him, it would be even easier. He picked the sword up and weighed it in his hand, giving it a few practice swings, to get the feel of it. “I think I can handle this well enough.”

Moments later three men were on the ground holding different parts of their bodies in pain. Andrew looked around “Well… I would do better with a K-Bar.. but this isn’t bad.” He smiled, knowing he had passed their tests. “So.. I was told you accept just about anyone, so I assume that this wasn’t to see if I can join, but to see what kind of jobs I qualify for, so.. what’s my first job?”

The man that had taunted him before reached behind him and pulled out a red buckler and handed it to Andrew. "Welcome to the Red Guard, you will be assessed and we will decide what you are good for.. maybe fetching lost pets or. " He was cut off as a hand was laid on his shoulder and a man stepped beside him. This man towered over every other person there, and was the definition of a “bad ass” just from appearance alone. “That will be enough. You have other new members to assess, I will see to this one myself.” The man spoke out in a quite, deep, but resonating voice that commanded your attention and made you instantly heel to whatever he said. “Of..of course boss.” the assessment master said before he shot a venomous glance at Andrew, “You will be with the Lieutenant here, he is the only real authority in these parts, and you’d do best to listen to what he has to say.”

Andrew handed the sword back to the assessment master and followed his new boss as they walked into the hall(It was more like a tavern that this one group happened to use). “My name is Slade, and from this moment on, you are to listen to what I tell you to do. If you do, you will become the strongest man in the Red Guard, aside from my of course, and if you don’t listen.. well you will most likely end up going no where.” As he says this he gestures towards the drunken men that were strewn about the hall.

Andrew followed, not saying a word. He was told to listen, and he would do just that. He was new to this world, and this was the best option he had at the moment. This man would know how to survive in this world, and would possible even know how to find the right people to get him back to his world.

Over the next month he learned very little about Slade, and even about the world. What he did learn was how to fight in a way that he never had. In his world men had learned to fight as a job but also lived normal lives.. in this world there existed people that lived everyday to fight, and made a damn good living out of it. It was obvious that Slade had worked on his skilled everyday since he was young, and he was passing that knowledge onto Andrew. Slade came from a far away land, and would never disclose it’s location to anyone, not even Andrew. The only piece of his past that he let Andrew in on was the scroll that held all of the known secrets of the fighting style that he was being taught. It was s style that used two swords known as Sawtoothed-Sabers. It was a fluid style that was not something he was fully used to, but was catching on fast enough not to die from the training. Slade pulled no strikes and if Andrew slipped up it may not kill him, but it would leave him cut up and bruised.
Slade made no secret that he planned for Andrew to take his place as the lieutenant once he moved up the ranks; but the longer Andrew was with the Red Guard he started to see that they were not the type of people he wanted to be associated with. They did things that he would never be willing to do. He wanted out.. but he needed more time.

One of his few off days from training with Slade, Andrew was in the local market buying some food when some of the guys from Red Guard ran up to him. “Andrew! Did you hear about some guys that strolled into town and picked a fight with some of the other members? No surprise that our boys lost though, they were the type that went on the lowest of missions, but it’s still makes the rest of us look weaker. We bet you could handle them! We know that Slade has been teaching you all kinds of stuff.”

After some time he had made a friend with one of the members, a young girl by the name of Ren. She was the type that only took the cleaner of the jobs, usually stuff that did not pay well and wasn’t “fun”, but she never wanted to do harm to anyone that didn’t deserve it. Ren was often bullied by other members, and Andrew had cracked a few skulls in to teach them a lesson, Ren was not to be harmed. She wasn’t a particularly attractive girl, not in the normal sense. She had a large scar running the right side of her cheek, running down to her chin. She had a rough but pure charm about her. She was a bit younger than him, and had helped clean some wounds on his back from training one day, and from that day forth they had taken care of each other.

Andrew did not even look up from his shopping. He really had a bad taste in his mouth for the members of Red Shield, well all except for Ren. “I don’t care about your little problems, and you would be best to take it up with someone that has time for your blabbering.” Andrew said, calmly, making sure to keep one hand on one of his swords in case one of them tried to attack him. They had a healthy fear of him, but sometimes that wasn’t enough to keep them from acting stupid. Still, the two stood there, debating if they should continue trying to convince him or not. “What if we paid you to take care of them? We hear you only take jobs that let you take on strong opponents that you feel are taking advantage of other people. Well.. they picked on weaker people, and sure maybe they deserved it.. but what if they do that to others? We just want them taken care of. It will let you test your skills, and improve the image of the Red Guard.”

Andrew sighed.. these fools were not going to leave him alone until he at least pretended to agree. “Fine, tell me what you know about them.”

Moments later he was running back to his room in a panic. Could it really be them?! he thought. He figured they had been pulled here by that light as well, but he hadn’t heard anything about them since he arrived. There were very few people that looked anything like Austin. and none that were his height. He had to try and find them, to at least confirm whether or not it was them; but first.. it was time to say goodbye.

Andrew crept through the hall from his room to Slades. He had the only other key to Slades office, and he knew that Slade was off on a mission today. Even if he was the boss here, he had to make money on missions from time to time. He only took the toughest missions that paid the most, and would normally take someone weeks to finish.. he figured Slade would be back by sunset, which was not far off. Andrew walked over to the picture frame of a painting of some girl that Slade would never talk about, but would often times lose himself looking at. He gently slid the frame to the side and took a slow deep breath. Before him was a safe, and in it was the scroll that had everything he needed to know about the style of fighting that he was learning. Without Slade, it would be the only way he could learn. The problem was the safe it was in. This safe had no key hole and was like no other safe he had seen. It was an intricate maze of paths that were meant for the finger. There was a metal ball and to open the door you had to move the metal ball in a specific pattern, and it would either open the safe.. or two razor sharp blades came out and cut your fingers off. Andrew had sneakily watched Slade do the maze over and over, each time catching a glimpse of a moments and trying to piece the puzzle together. He hoped to have more time to memorize it.. but this was going to be his only option if he wanted to see his friends again.

He moved the ball slowly and methodically. Each second stretched out into what felt like hours. Turn by turn, twist by twist, it became more and more intimidating of a maze, until.. click it opened. Andrew opened it up slowly and there it was, the scroll. Just as Andrew was reaching in to grab the scroll he heard the bar keep yell out “Ey Slade! Welcome home! Come come, spend some of that coin we know ya got on some ale!” SHIT Slade was back.

Andrew quickly stuffed the scroll into the scroll case he had and bolted out the door. He couldn’t use the front door, but there was a window in his room he could use. He ran to his room, locked the door, and out the window. He had to track his friends and quick.. because he was sure that Slade was not going to let this go. “Thank you old man for the knowledge, but I just can’t see myself leading a bunch of murderers.. and Ren.. I am sorry. I will come back and get you out of that shit hole and bring you to my world, someday.”

Andrew Jones

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