Trapped in Lumairon

Session 1, Part 1 - The Arrival

In which geeks are transported to a new world

Our story begins in the apartment of Dylan and Charlie, where 5 college students play a game of Pathfinder run by their GM, Blake.

But Blake will not play a roll in this story, he had stepped out of the room, as if on a cue, or perhaps, to allow a larger story to unfold.

The players (Austin, Dylan, Javier,Lane, and Tyler) were left contemplating their next move in the session when a dark blue glow began emanating down the hall from Dylan’s room. Naturally, Dylan went to look for the cause of the dark light. A few minutes of waiting passed, Dylan had not returned, and so, one after the other they all went to check the room, and the reason for their friend’s/s’ obvious prank.

What happened next is a mystery. These players find themselves asleep, dreams of (oxymoronic) dark blue lights and a man with a long face, and pale skin covered in strange markings.


Austin was the first to wake up, old water having startled him into consciousness. The first thing to great him, a lean man with blonde hair and a patchy beard, holding a wooden bucket in a motion of follow through. Austin found himself tied to a tree by a long length of hairy rope, and a quick glance confirmed that his friends were bound in a similar manner, still unconscious, but quite a bit drier.

A moment later, the lean man stepped back, and a larger man with tan skin, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a tanned leather jerkin over a white flax shirt, stepped forward from a crowd of over a dozen Austin had not noticed before.

“Where are yor frainds?” The tall man asked in what seemed to be almost a rough Irish accent.

An interrogation ensued, one in which Austin was completely ignorant in the purpose of. One after another his friends were awakened by cold water splashed in their face.


The large man accused the group of being “spies for the Ebony Blades,” and was interrogating them as such. After a few brief arguments the group managed to talk down this apparent leader, and convince him they were just idiots, having gotten drunk and lost in the forest. This is, of course, not what the group said, but to the large man this seemed much more likely.

The man had the his prisoners released, introducing himself as Barnabas Qault as they were being untied. The blonde man looked dumbstruck at this, and a small argument began between he and Barnabas. The Blonde man questioning why he so easily let the obvious spies free, and Barnabas replying that he " ‘as a gut feelin’ that they’re ’armless."

The argument resolves with the blonde man storming off, and Barnabas telling the the gang, ’’Don’t worreh about Hardn’ ‘es a worry wort’’

The group is taken down a short path through the forest to a clearing with a circle of covered wagons. The abilities of everyone is discovered, or lack there of, and most everyone is sent to help unload boxes, pitch a large tent, or other menial labor.

After a bit of work, Barnabas mentions that they have their other friend, Charlie, still tied up. The group fully unites to do more physical labor then sits around a campfire (that Charlie managed to put together) and take stock of their situation.

They decide to find a the place where they were found. After some dealing with Barnabas (which included adding extra days of work), they arrange to be taken there.

A short trip through the forest and the group finds themselves as a raised stone platform surrounded by four stone columns, where no vegetation seems to grow to any degree. To the side a crumbling stone stele lies on the ground, covered in moss and vines. With examination the stele seems to have once had writing on it, but time hadw worn it away. The group returned to the caravan with no better idea of how they arrived in this strange world than before.



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